Do Not Wait For Perfection – Create Everything You Can Get Your Hands On


Do not wait for Perfection, wait for Danger. Wait for the right time, do not wait for the perfect time to accomplish anything. Waiting is the enemy of success.

Do not wait for perfection, wait for Danger. If you wait for perfection you will always be last in line. Do not wait for me to perfect before I am first in line. Those that are waiting for perfection sometimes find their dreams rendered useless. Do not wait for me to become perfect before I am first in line. Act now, and become perfect as you progress towards your greatness.

Wait for the Perfectionist. This is the man or woman that will push you to your limits in pursuit of that Perfection. They are not Perfectionists by any means, but they are the ones that push you to your limits until you have achieved it. Until you have reached perfection you will not be happy.

Waiting for perfection, pushing and waiting, these are not the ways of progressing. These are the ways of stagnancy and desolation. The only way to get to perfection is by doing it. You cannot wait until you have attained it. You must take the action and go forward.

Waiting for perfection breeds fear. When a man or woman waits for perfection, they become paralyzed by inaction. When you wait for perfection and you do not get it, you create a void in your life, a vacuum that can cause you much grief in your future actions.

Waiting for action destroys the joy of living. If you build a house on sand, and it takes a long time to build it, you will not enjoy your time at hand, you will dread your time at hand, you will spend most of your time just trying to put the roof over your head. Do not wait for your life to be built; do something! Create! Go out, seek knowledge, do your research, do not sit at home eating popcorn, playing with the remote control, hoping and dreaming about how your perfect world will look when you have everything you want.

Wait for your Perfection, but do not wait for it. Build the Perfection, and enjoy the ride. Creating the Perfection will bring the Perfection. Waiting for Perfection destroys your life.

In the end, are you still chasing after the Perfection? Do you still wait for your Perfection? Do not wait. Get it. Get your Perfection. Do not wait.

There are no more perfect answers, there are only choices to make. I have to take a few minutes to tell you that there are choices, and you don’t have to follow the crowd. We have choices, and we can create the perfect answers, that will satisfy our spirit, soul and physical being. The true way is Light, the Only Way, the path without pain. We can all be free.

So why wait? Why not live in the moment, in happiness and peace? If you wait until you are too tired to stand, why not start today? Create the plans you need to reach your goals and do not wait until you are in pain or tired to move forward, to create the future you desire. Wait for the pleasure of reaching your dreams, not the pain of falling.

If you stop doing what you need to do, you will only cause yourself more pain. What are you waiting for? Stop creating the future for yourself. Start taking action immediately and stop wondering how long it will take.

When I was at the top of my game, I did not wait for perfection. I took immediate action and created the life I wanted. When I started to stumble, I did not wait for perfection, either. I simply moved forward, determined to reach my destination.

What are you waiting for? Action is your answer. Do not wait for perfection. Take immediate action towards your dreams. Do not waver or delay.

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