Here’s How Home Loan Calculator Makes Loan Planning Easier for You


Paying for a brand-new house or refurbishing one requires lots of money. It is a financial move that you need to ponder for a long time before embarking on. If a home loan is your source of funding for a new home or property, then you owe the idea of a new home much thought.

If you do not have the means to manage a home loan that comes with high home loan EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) payments, then we recommend that you do not opt for a home loan. Knowing the home loan amortization schedule that suits you best is a great start to getting a decent home loan. Using a home loan calculator doubles your chances of getting a home loan that will not burden you greatly.

To complete the home loan repayment process, you should prepare to review and consider every angle of your financial situation. A home loan EMI calculator gives you sincere home loan options based on the state of your finances. So, if you are capable of shouldering a housing loan, then we urge you to apply for one. Note that it’s also important to consider your source of income before applying for a home loan so that you can determine whether it will be stable for the loan duration. Additionally, we advise that you do proper checks to be sure that you will have money to save after making monthly home loan EMI payments.

In this article, you’ll learn what the EMI calculator for a home loan is and why you need it to make informed decisions on prospective home loan deals.

What is a Home Loan Calculator?

The EMI calculator for home loans is an online-based medium used to calculate the EMI for your housing loan. When you input certain information about the home loan you want to apply for, the housing loan emi calculator works out the accurate amount you will pay each month. The home loan EMI payments continue till the entire loan amount has been paid off. The home loan EMI calculator also helps you decide which home loan amortization schedule to select based on your financial health.

Read on to learn the benefits of the home loan calculator and why you should utilize it.

How the Home Loan Calculator Makes Loan Planning Easier for You

Using the house loan calculator to determine your home loan amortization schedule is beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of using a home loan EMI calculator:• Its simplicity, convenience, and ability to provide accurate information regarding your home loan EMI payments makes the housing loan EMI calculator resourceful. This helps you do adequate housing loan planning, especially with the numbers. Calculating the numbers yourself makes the activity liable to mistakes. Utilizing the house loan calculator before you apply for a home loan guarantees that you get accurate results each time you use it.

• Using the home loan interest calculator ensures that you stay secure financially and also protects you from future financial problems. Knowing your home loan amortization schedule makes planning easy, and you can apply for the home loan that fits your budget.

• If you would like to make prepayments to service your home loan, then use the EMI calculator for your home loan. The calculator can reveal how prepayments can help you complete your loan repayment ahead of schedule.

• You can use this online tool to compare the loan offers from several lenders, banks, and non-banking financial companies (NBFC) alike. Using the calculator will display the amount involved in borrowing from each lender plus the EMIs.

• When you use a housing loan interest rate calculator, you enjoy a risk-free experience. Your identity is safe, and you should harbour no fear of compromise. The Bajaj Finserv EMI calculator is secure and provides credible details.

Benefits of Applying for a Home Loan

Some of the benefits of a home loan and why you should apply for one today are:

• Applying for a home loan guarantees that you will be able to save money for other purposes. The amount you spend to service the home loan EMIs can be considered as an investment and not an expense. Upon the completion of the home loan repayment process, you are the genuine owner of the home for property. This means that when the property or home appreciates, this becomes yours to do with however you please.

• When you apply for a home loan, you ensure that the property remains secure for the loan duration. Before your lender approves your home loan application, they run a background check on the structural integrity of the property. They also review the property or home’s legal documentation. By doing this, the lender undertakes the responsibilities that are yours. So, upon approval of your loan application, you only need to worry about the home loan EMI payment. The lender ensures that your property is secure.

• You stand to enjoy certain tax benefits on your home loan. However, you can only claim tax deductions on the principal amount and interest if you mortgaged property against a loan. The Indian Tax Act supports tax benefits on housing loans.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how a housing loan EMI calculator works, use the Bajaj Finserv home loan calculator to enjoy accurate home loan details. Not only does the lender offer a number of tools for prospective home buyers, it also offers attractive home loan deals, with home loan interest rates starting at 6.75%* p.a. and EMIs starting Rs.649/Lakh*.

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